Dichroweb - Request Multiple Students Accounts For Teaching

This application form is for teachers who wish to use dichroweb as a teaching resource only

To apply for a group of passwords you need to agree to "fair use" conditions, as this is primarily a research tool. Also you must agree to.

1. To ensure individual students do not apply for separate accounts

2. That students use it individually (not in a classroom setting all at the same time- you can do demos but they need to use it outside a group setting) so that it doesn't stop/inhibit use by others researchers due to overload in server use.

3. Students be instructed to run multiple analyses in series rather than parallel [ie submit one at a time] for the same reason as 2.

We will need some information for our records. If you could kindly fill out all information correctly, so we can get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once someone has reviewed your request, we will be in contact requesting each students email and name. Once recieved we can issue you with your temporty student accounts.

All Fields Required
First Name
Last Name
Academic E-mail.
University or Institution
Academic Telephone Number (including international dialling code)
Number of students in course.
Any additional information/comments regarding your class. i.e
  • The start date of the course
  • The end date of the course
  • Nature of the course

The details you provide must refer to a verifiable academic or not-for-profit organisation. Details will be verified before accounts are created.