Dichroweb - Account Application Form

★ Important Announcement ★

We are now experiencing a large number of requests for accounts and very high usage of the DichroWeb analysis site, so we have had to impose a number of regulations on fair use and eligibility/correctness of applications for accounts:

1. We are not providing accounts unless the application form is fully and correctly completed:

We only issue an account if ALL criteria are met and ALL questions on application are completed correctly and fully in English. We only offer applicants TWO (only) chances to apply. Cases where multiple applications (>2) are submitted and rejected will automatically make you ineligible for an account and all future applications from you will be deleted.

2. Reasons for rejections of applications include:

  • A. One or more responses to the questions are blank or incomplete.
  • B. We do not issue accounts to *.com email addresses. You must provide an academic (university) email address.
  • C. No abbreviations are allowed on the form (ie. Not in the name of university, addresses, etc); FULL postal (mailing) addresses are required.
  • D. Applications with non-english characters are not acceptable.

3. Sharing your password with another user will be reason for deletion of your account.

4. Fair usage requirement: Users may only submit one job at a time; submission of more than one job at a time will be reason for deletion of your account.

5. Students and postdocs may apply for individual accounts, which may not be shared with any other user. They must provide the full name of their supervisor and a website for their supervisor (in English) AT THEIR UNIVERSITY website (not at Linkedin, Researchgate or other extermal sites). That site must show that the listed supervisor is a professor or lecturer.

6. Accounts will be issued to users (students, postdocs, lab heads) at Universities or non-profit research institutes if they confirm that In the "additional information" part of the form that "the server will not be used for commercial, contract or paid work" and that "the resulting work will be published in the open literature".

7. Supervisors: please note that accounts are for individual users. If you apply for an account, it must be issued only for your personal use. if your students want an account, please have them apply for their own account, but do not allow them to use yours. Please confirm on the form under "other information" that "this account will only be used for my personal work, and not shared with members of my lab or students". Missuse of this condition would lead to deletion of your account.

8. Supervisors and people running teaching courses may apply for a bulk set of accounts/passwords (see information on teaching applications elsewhere on the home page); these accounts will be valid for a limited time period (up to one academic semester/3 months). After that time, any participant in the course may apply for an individual account as described above. See further information on "accounts for teaching" link.

9. If you do not get a response from us within 10 days (usually less) of completing an application, then your form was incorrect or incomplete, and you have not been granted an account.

10. Essential requirement for ALL users: please remember that by using this website for any of your analyses, you are agreeing to cite the following paper in your publication:

Miles, A.J, Ramalli, S.G, and Wallace, B.A. (2021) DichroWeb, a website for calculating protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectroscopic data. Protein Science:

To apply for a DichroWeb accout on-line, complete the form below. When your details have been verified, DichroWeb will email to you an agreement form and generate an account. The account will be activated after and if your applicaiton is approved and when you print out and return the signed form (by uploading it at; (NB. Do not print out this web-form, only the form that we email to you is acceptable and will contain a unique reference number.)

We aim to make the procedure as fast as possible but please be patient if you have to wait

All Fields Required
Honorific Title
First Name
Last Name
Academic E-mail. (This address will be used to send you the form that you need to sign to activate your account.) It must be an academic email address related to the university or institution that you work at, not a generic email domain such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.
Academic Mailing Address (please include department and university/instituion.)
University or Institution
Postal Address
City, State
Post / Zip code
Place of Work is : University Research Institute Other (Organisation, Company etc)
NB: You will be asked to sign a statement agreeing that DichroWeb will not be used for any paid (contract) work.

Name of Supervisor
(If you are a Professor/Lecturer, please write "HEAD of LAB." instead of a name here.)

Webpage - Website of your supervisor AT YOUR UNIVERSITY or if you are a head of lab, your own website (required, in english; Researchgate and Linkedin are not permitted.).
Optional fields
Any additional information/comments you would like to give.

The details you provide must refer to a verifiable academic or not-for-profit organisation. Details will be verified before accounts are created.