Dichroweb - Account Application Form

To apply for a DichroWeb accout on-line, complete the form below. When your details have been verified, DichroWeb will email to you an agreement form and generate an account. The account will be activated after and if your applicaiton is approved and when you print out and return the signed form (by uploading it at; (NB. Do not print out this web-form, only the form that we email to you is acceptable and will contain a unique reference number.)

We aim to make the procedure as fast as possible but please be patient if you have to wait

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Academic E-mail. (This address will be used to send you the form that you need to sign to activate your account.) It must be an academic email address related to the university or institution that you work at, not a generic email domain such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.
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The details you provide must refer to a verifiable academic or not-for-profit organisation. Details will be verified before accounts are created.