DichroWeb Error

This page will appear for one of two reasons :

1. The normal "404" Page not found error - if you requested a web page that does not exist.

2. An error occurred whilst trying to process your analysis request :

This often means one of the following things :
  • The Input units you entered on the form do not match with those in the file
    Delta Epsilon range +-20, Millidegrees range +-250, MRE range +-20,000
  • The Mean Residue Weight you specified was wrong
    Range 90-140 Daltons, remember to divide MW by "n-1", n is the number of residues.
  • The Wavelength Step you entered on the form does not match with the wavelength step in the file
  • The protein concentration you specified was wrong
  • The experimental data contains too much noise for the deconvolution program to deal with
If any of these things are possible, please use the back button below to return to the form and correct anything that could be wrong with the input.

If you are certain that all the parts of your input are correct and you are still reaching this page then it is possible that you have encoutered a bug. In this case, please use the "Report Bugs" option on the Contact Us page (available from the navigation panel) and let us know the details of the problem.

Please include your Email address and UserID when reporting bugs, so that we may send a reply. (Note: We only deal with support requests from registered users' registered email addresses - this is the email address you used to sign up for your DichroWeb account.)